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FIRST or FIRST Chesapeake Resources 


FIRST Resource Library

FIRST Chesapeake Town Hall and Chesapeake Chats videos

First Year Mentor / Rookie Team Information

Supplemental Team Resources

FIRST FRC Mentor Guide 

FIRST Guide to Running a FIRST Robotics Competition Team

2021 FIRST Chesapeake COVID Safety Plan


Other Robotics Resources


Compass Alliance

Maryland Robotics Alliance

Open access wiki provided by team 2537- Getting started online training/tutorials for new software students 


Other Resources

Dollars for Doers Companies (corporate donations for employee volunteers)


FIRST Chesapeake FRC Teams by State, County and City


Inclement Weather


In case of Inclement Weather the day of
a FIRST Chesapeake Event,
Please call (804) 404-6653
after 5am for updates