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Emerging Mentor Cohort

Are you an educator looking to dive headfirst into the exciting world of robotics and technology, and empower the next generation of innovators?

Join our 2025 cohort, designed to introduce new educators in DC, Maryland, and Virginia to the FIRST Tech Challenge in a guided pre-season experience.

What You'll Experience

In this immersive program, cohort members will virtually come together to explore a comprehensive curriculum covering essential aspects of the FIRST TECH CHALLENGE. Our structured approach will cover the following critical topics:

FIRST Foundation Training:
Lay the foundation with an in-depth understanding of FIRST principles.

Attend a Competition:
Experience the excitement and energy of an FTC competition firsthand.

Base Build, Control Systems, Basic Programming: Master the essentials to create a competitive robot.


Dive into designing and building effective robot mechanisms.

Sustainability, Outreach, and Fundraising:
Learn to sustainably grow and support your robotics program.

Throughout the program, educators will have the opportunity to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills in real time while coaching a rookie FTC team.


Scrimmage & Awards

Culminating this enriching journey is a thrilling Spring Season Scrimmage, where teams from the cohort will compete head-to-head. Teams will form alliances with veteran FTC Teams, aiming for victory. The winning teams will have their registration dues waived for the following season.

WHAT's Included

Cohort Participation is Valued at $4,000.

Professional Development

Attend Virtual session to jump start your first official season as an FTC Coach


Join a cohort of 25 other emerging coaches to workshop and troubleshoot with. Access a broader network of over 500 veteran coaches who are eager to see you succeed.

FIRST Inspires Registration

An Annual Fee to secure your teams number and name for the season.

Kit of Parts &
Control Hub

A cherry picked Kit of Parts delivered right to your door. No need to do any research or compete with complicated sites. We will make sure your kit is competition ready from day one.

The 2025 Cohort

No Cost to Any Member

Thanks to a generous grant from the Google.Org Foundation, We are able to waive all associated fees with the GEARED UP Emerging Mentor Cohort for the 2025 Cohort. 

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