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FIRST Chesapeake is an independent non-profit that brings STEM-based leadership programs to middle and high school students in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Robotics is the means to teach technical concepts and practical know-how, as well as to build leadership skills and develop teamwork. What makes us and our local program partners unique is our access to the continuum of K-12 programs developed by FIRST.

Community and industry professionals work side by side with students to develop a competition robot in answer to a complex engineering challenge that looks and plays like a sporting event. FIRST programs reach more students in our area of service than any other STEM-based organization.

Supporting the vision and mission of FIRST, FIRST Chesapeake is providing the platform to build the next generation of technology leaders for tomorrow ’s global workforce.

Click here for a message from the FIRST Chesapeake board and staff regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion.

To view an organizational and financial profile of VirginiaFIRST dba FIRST Chesapeake, visit Guidestar.

To see a copy of FIRST Chesapeake/VirginiaFIRST‘s FY20 Annual Report, click here


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