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The excitement of sports with the rigors of science and technology

2024 CRESCENDO presented by Haas

Orchestrate engineering skills and creative power to entertain and move the world in an exhilarating new challenge.

In CRESCENDO℠ presented by Haas, a new challenge debuting January 6, 2024, FIRST Robotics Competition teams will use their engineering skills and creative power to entertain and move the world.


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The Ultimate Sport for the Mind

High-school student participants call it “the hardest fun you’ll ever have.”

Under strict rules, limited time, and resources, teams of students are challenged to raise funds, design a team “brand,” hone teamwork skills, and build and program industrial-size robots to play a difficult field game against like-minded competitors. It’s as close to real-world engineering as a student can get. Volunteer professional mentors lend their time and talents to guide each team. Each season ends with an exciting FIRST Championship.


FIRST® Robotics Competition (grades 9-12) gives teams of 10 or more high school students and their adult mentors the opportunity to work and create together to solve a common problem. Challenged to design and build a robot using a standard “kit of parts” and within a common set of rules to play a sophisticated field game − with limited time − brings out the best in students and adults alike. The robot “game” changes every season and is always exciting.

Students Get To

  • Learn from professional engineers
  • Build and compete with a robot of their own design
  • Learn and use sophisticated software and hardware
  • Compete and cooperate in alliances and tournaments
  • Earn a place in the World Championship
  • Qualify for over $80 million in college scholarships


Express Interest in Attending College


Problem Solving Skills Increase


Teamwork skills increase.

Essential Steps to Starting a FIRST Robotics Competition Team

We engage young people in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.

VA Basic

Build Your Team

Find and invite a few teammates (at least 10) who want to be part of the robotics team. Be sure to emphasize that no technical skills are required, just enthusiasm and a willingness to learn! Recruit all kinds of talents, not just engineering and electrical.

Team Management Resources

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Each team needs two or more adult lead coaches/mentors who are willing and motivated to coach the team through the build and competition season and beyond. Other adults can volunteer to help with administration, fundraising, community outreach, technical skills, and other tasks.

Mentor Manual

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Running a FIRST Robotics Competition team is like running a small business so it’s important to set a budget. Each team’s budget will vary depending on what they are trying to accomplish and the resources in their area. Develop a team mission statement and business plan (check our Fundraising Toolkit for an overview and examples), and decide what your team goals are. These will help you develop a budget and determine fundraising targets.

Sample FRC Budget

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Once registered, your team becomes a part of the worldwide FIRST® Robotics Competition community. You’ll begin receiving communications from FIRST®, along with a temporary team number in preparation for event registration.

Part of the registration process includes ordering the kit of parts and completing payment. (Please note that, until you click submit, you are not committed to becoming a team.)

Step by Step Registration Guide


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