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FIRST Chesapeake operates an official Slack Workspace to support its activities and teams across DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Here’s why you should be a part of this thriving online hub:

🤝 Connect with Like-Minded Coaches and Mentors: Engage in discussions with fellow Coaches and Mentors who share your passion for robotics. Exchange ideas, strategies, and experiences to elevate your coaching and mentoring skills.

🤖 Team Up with Other Teams: Collaboration is key in the world of robotics. Connect with other teams, find alliance partners, and share resources to ensure all teams have the tools they need to succeed.

📢 Stay Informed: Stay up-to-date with the latest news, event updates, and important announcements from FIRST Chesapeake. Be the first to know about registration deadlines, competition details, and more.

🆘 Get Instant Support: Have a question or facing a challenge during the season? Post it in the Slack community, and you’ll have a network of experienced coaches and mentors ready to offer advice and solutions.

🔧 Trade and Share Parts: Need a specific part for your robot or have extras to spare? Our Slack community provides a dedicated space for trading and sharing robotics parts. Help each other build the best robots possible!


The use of the FIRST Chesapeake Slack is optional and we reserve the right to terminate or modify any access granted at our sole discretion. By participating you agree:

  • to be a registered FIRST Chesapeake volunteer, mentor, or partner and comply with FIRST Chesapeake Youth Protection policies.
  • to adhere to all rules posted in the “#Code of Conduct” channel.
  • to only use your access to support FIRST Chesapeake programs/activities and agree to not promote or endorse any other program on the FIRST Chesapeake Slack that may compete with the organization’s services/programs.
  • that you understand and agree that you will not use the FIRST Chesapeake Slack to bully or harass any member of the workspace.