The FIRST Chesapeake FTC optional 3rd Play/ Out-of-District Event Selection will open at noon on Wednesday, November 9th. Team Mentors 1 and 2 should check their Inbox on the 9th for an email with the event selection link.

Teams will be able to select among FTC events that still have available space. Note that assignments will be made in the order they are requested during this round. Teams will have their event assignment confirmed each Monday and will be invoiced via PayPal to the email provided in this form. Invoices must be paid within 2 weeks or the team will be dropped from the event and the slot will be opened for further selection. We will  continue this process until events are full.

Please Note:

Notifications will be sent to the Lead Coaches registered through the team FIRST Inspires Dashboard, so be sure your team information is up to date!

Questions? Email