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Welcome to the FTC Link September Newsletter! 🤖🌐

This month we will focus on a few key items that are on the horizon like qualifier selection and share a few tidbits that might interest or benefit you!

Kickoff was a huge success!

We had 7 kickoff events across the District resulting in over 800 students gathering to collaborate and celebrate the season’s release.

Thank you to our hosts for their tireless work and efforts to bring these in-person events to our community!

Don’t worry if you missed it – You can catch up right now!

Watch Full Kickoff
Watch Game Animation 

Ready for a Scrimmage?

Teams are working with CHS to bring a few scrimmages to our community. Be on the lookout for details at our website.

Mark your calendars:

  • October 7
  • October 28
  • November TBD

Have a question about a rule?

FIRST Inspires has an official location for you to submit a question about the rules. This is a great resource to check regularly to see what rules have been modified.

FTC Forum

FTC Score App is now available!

FTC Score App

It is Almost Time to Choose Your Qualifier I Event!

Qualifier I selection begins on Monday, September 18 at 3:30AM. Final confirmations from FCH will be sent on October 2.

How will it work?

After registering your team with FIRST Inspires and FIRST Chesapeake, beginning 9/18, follow these directions.

  • Click this link to see a list of all Qualifiers.
  • Click on the RSVP button associated with the Qualifier of your choice.
  • Complete the form and Read carefully.
  • Upon completion, you will receive a confirmation email for the event you selected. Check your Spam folder just in case it ends up there!
  • On October 2, FIRST Chesapeake will send a confirmation email finalizing your reservation for the event you chose.

That is it!

No rankings required.

How will I know if the event is still available?

  • You will not be able to RSVP for an event that is already full.

Is this first come, first serve?

  • Yes! Be ready to select starting 9/18 by registering at BOTH FirstInspires AND FIRST Chesapeake.

Attention Teachers!

The Department of Energy has released a curriculum focused on bioenergy in collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory and Idaho National Laboratory called BRIDGES.

Join their webinar to learn more about this ready-made curriculum you can easily implement in your classroom and it is free to use!

BRIDGES Bioenergy 101 webinar is Thursday, September 14, 2023, at 3 p.m. ETLearn how the Bioenergy Research and Education Bridge (BRIDGES) program can work in your classroom.

Register for BRIDGES Webinar

Are Ready to Choose Qualifier I?

You must be registered with FIRST Inspires and FIRST Chesapeake before you can choose an event to compete at!

Registration Steps:

  1. Now: Register and pay at FIRST Inspires
  2. Sept. 1: Register and pay at FIRST Chesapeake
  3. Sept. 18: Round 1 Picks
  4. Oct. 16: Round 2 Picks
  5. Nov. 13: Schedule Locked In

Click here to learn more and have easy access!

You will NOT be able to choose your Qualifier Events if you have not paid BOTH FIRST Inspires and FIRST Chesapeake.

Need to talk? Have a question?

Sign up and stop by for my office hours on Wednesdays between 4-6pm and Fridays from 11am-1pm.