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What is a FIRST Chesapeake Alumnus?

A FIRST Chesapeake Alumnus is anyone that graduated from a FIRST Program in the District of Columbia, Maryland, or Virginia.  A FIRST Chesapeake alumnus can also be a FIRST Alumnus that has moved to the District of Columbia, Maryland, or Virginia and wants to be a part of the alumni association.

The goal of the FIRST Chesapeake Alumni Association is to help our alumni connect with other FIRST alumni, FIRST teams and students, as well as give them the tools to succeed in today’s global economy.

FIRST Chesapeake Alumni are eligible to receive invitations to alumni events, information about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities, and job and internship postings.

Interested in volunteering, mentoring, or planning an alumni social in your area? Please register with the alumni association and tell us so!

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Introducing the FIRST Chesapeake Alumni Ambassador Program
--an exclusive opportunity for FIRST Alumni!
FIRST Chesapeake represents the FIRST FTC and FRC community in DC, Maryland, and Virginia and highly values the contributions of FIRST alumni as volunteers, mentors, and community advocates. In 2020, FIRST Chesapeake launched a new program that gives FIRST alumni opportunities to:
  • connect with other FIRST alumni across the region;
  • gain unique professional networking opportunities with FIRST supporters; and
  • give back to the FIRST community.
Who are Alumni Ambassadors?
FIRST Chesapeake Alumni Ambassadors are:
  • a new generation of technical and trained competition volunteers (graduated from high school within the past ten years);
  • models of Coopertition® and Gracious Professionalism®;
  • mentors and volunteers who support FIRST Chesapeake teams, especially new teams and teams in high-need areas;
  • advocates who can explain FIRST and speak to its impact at community events.
Applications for the inaugural FIRST Chesapeake Alumni Ambassadors cohort have closed. Applications for the 2021 FRC season will be available in the Fall of 2020. For more information, contact Katarina Spears.
Thanks to the generosity of Booz Allen Hamilton, we have this opportunity to highlight the contributions of FIRST alumni, while ensuring we have a cohort of experienced, committed alumni volunteers to support the next generation of FIRST teams. The first cohort of Alumni Ambassadors, selected in December 2019, were given the necessary training to assume more complex volunteer roles at District events, were publicly acknowledged for their role as FIRST alumni representatives, and were eligible for grants of $1,000 to the FIRST team or program of their choice.

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