Hey FIRST Tech Challenge Teams!  Matt Glennon, your Lead FTA here with today’s guest blog post!

As the 2016-17 FIRST Tech Challenge season kicks off tomorrow and our workshops are just a few weeks away, I wanted to make you aware of a few things that may be important to you:

  • You need to know how to reach out and get tech help when you need it.  If you’re looking for assistance, please email . This address will send your request to the entire tech team, ensuring that your questions are answered as quickly as possible, and by the person that is most knowledgeable about the topic you’re struggling with.
  • I want to make Android Studio teams aware of a bug in the Master branch of the FTC SDK on Github. If you’re seeing errors in Android Studio related to android-support-v4.jar, please jump over to our write up about it and get that fixed pronto.
  • Also, I want to be sure you’re aware of our repository of all things VirginiaFIRST FTC-Tech related. We’re trying something new this year - we’re going to constantly maintain this site with all of the technical resources that we can think of that teams will need to be successful and solve issues they encounter.

We will do our best to publicize changes and additions as they are made, but prudent teams will make it a point to check out the folder on a periodic basis.

Last, I’d like to give a quick shout out to our awesome Alumni Coordinator, Julie Miller () and invite all of our rising seniors to join us at one of our Alumni Mingles happening over the coming months. I urge all students to register as an alumni and reap the benefits of a lifelong friendship with an amazing group of people - passionate about science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.  I’ll be attending the Richmond Mingle.

All students can register as alumni here.
You can sign up for the mingles here. (Seniors Only Please)

See you at the workshops, in the pits, and on the field. Good luck!

Matt Glennon
FIRST Chesapeake Lead FTA

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