FTC Teams-

Our first event will take place this weekend, and it’s an event like no other!  Join the livestream on Twitch or better yet, take part in the event!  You don’t need a robot, and maybe your team has not even been able to register this season.  We know teams are finding all sorts of ways to be Game Changers!  So during the show Saturday, we want to include as many teams as possible.  Here’s how you join the fun-

Send one or more of the following to us in Dropbox (http://bit.ly/3pv5LGF).  Photo format is .jpg, .png, video format .mp4 or .mov.  Include your team number in the file name.

  • A team photo, Zoom meeting snap, collage or whatever you would like to share
  • A photo of one or more team members holding up a sign showing what you would insert in this statement, “We are changing the game of _______________”
  • A photo of one or more team members engaged in community activities (making PPE, socially distanced outreach, thanking your community, etc.)
  • A photo of one or more team members holding up a sign with the word(s) you would choose to complete “Our mentors inspire us by ____________________”
  • A short (1-3 min) video your team has made to inspire others.  This can be a robot reveal, a tribute to your community, an animation of your robot from a CAD program, a reflection on the season, or something else you think would be inspiring to those watching FTC on Twitch.  [Note that all video will be reviewed for appropriate content and non-copyrighted audio].

Thanks for considering – look for your team to be part of FIRST Chesapeake Hybrid Events for the Ultimate Goal Season! 

Inclement Weather


In case of Inclement Weather the day of
a FIRST Chesapeake Event,
Please call 804.464.8945
after 5am for updates