Dear FIRST  Chesapeake Teams and Volunteers, 
Thank you to all of the FRC mentors who submitted applications for the inaugural FIRST Chesapeake Team Advisory Committee. A seven member selection committee, consisting of FIRST Chesapeake staff, volunteers, and a FIRST Chesapeake board member (with no team affiliation), carefully reviewed more than 30 very impressive applications. It was a tough decision, but it was finally decided that the following FRC team mentors would be offered a seat on the committee for the 2019-2020 season:
  • Amy Brunner (FRC# 4541)
  • Preston Childress (FRC# 401)
  • Katherine Dougan (FRC# 2377)
  • Gail Drake (FRC# 1885)
  • Josh Hinebaugh (FRC# 1629)
  • Nancy Holincheck (FRC# 5243)
  • Paul E. Lathrop (FRC# 7429)
  • Kenneth Lesley (FRC# 1915)
  • Tim Miedzinski (FRC# 836)
  • Farish Perlman (FRC# 1389)
  • David Shotwell (FRC# 339)
  • Timothy Stevic (FRC# 1731)
  • DeAndre' Taylor (FRC# 1610)
  • Matthew Wilson (FRC# 1086)
FIRST Chesapeake staff and the board are very much looking forward to working with this committee to continue to improve the team experience. Keep an eye out for an email with further details about how the committee will share (and collect) information and committee member contact information.
In addition to the selection announcement, we are very pleased to announce that Anne Shade, FIRST alumni and former FIRST Maryland Regional Director, will act as the committee facilitator for this season. Anne spearheaded the effort to develop the Team Advisory Committee Charter and has agreed to continue on as its facilitator. The FIRST Chesapeake staff and board would like to say a huge thank you to Anne for volunteering her exceptional organizational skills and knowledge of all things FIRST to get this committee up and running so quickly.
Please join me in thanking these individuals for volunteering their time and expertise to help give a greater voice to the teams and mentors for 2019-2020.
Leighann Scott Boland
Executive Director

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