Dear Teams,

We are not perfect.  FIRST Chesapeake, our volunteers, the venues, and the games are not without flaws.  We all know that, and we are working to ensure the best event experience for every team, spectator, and volunteer at our events.  While there were on-field issues at some of the District events this season, know that we are working with FIRST HQ and our Key Volunteers to ensure the best possible event experience for the remainder of 2019. Immediate steps that will be in place at Blacksburg and George Mason University will include the review of the adjudication process with all field personnel and live broadcast of the Drivers' Meeting.  We have also provided the game manual's guidance to teams regarding question box protocol here

We count on the FIRST Chesapeake teams, volunteers, and staff to demonstrate their Gracious Professionalism as they continue to compete this year and encourage constructive feedback to help us continue to improve the FRC experience for all participants. If you need clarification about what occurred on the field at a past match, please utilize the team Q&A at . 

If you have any questions or concerns about FIRST Chesapeake or the events in general,  I am just a cell phone call away at 804.514.7712.

I look forward to seeing you at the events and wish you the best of luck. Go 'bots!


Leighann Scott Boland

Executive Director

FIRST Chesapeake