Blackwater Robotics will again be hosting a strategy session and human game on Sunday morning the day after kickoff. Determining how you want to play the game early on is crucial to the robot design process. This is our fifth season hosting this event. Being able to interact with field elements and have six robots (humans) move around the field early in build season can give your team a great understanding of how DEEP SPACE can be played.

Blackwater Robotics FIRST Team 1610
Sunday, January 6, 2019
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Charles Street Gym
Directly beside JP King Middle School
501 Charles Street
Franklin, VA 23851
For those of you who haven't been to our build site, we work in an old gym and have the full 27' x 54' of carpet available.  We'll have at least half the field markings in place and will work to have enough field elements built quickly so that we can be ready to hit the ground running Sunday morning (see attached pictures).
We're inviting the entirety of Hampton Roads and a handful of other southeast Virginia teams.  You don't need to bring anything except the game piece you receive in your kit to ensure we'll have enough to play the game.  We'll start off with a discussion of rule changes from previous years, ways to score points, potential strategies, the ranking system, and of course simulating game-play in a full scale area.
We'll have soda/bottled water/snacks and coffee available.  Some visiting teams have brought donuts/muffins/other breakfast food in previous years and that was a great help. We will wrap up before lunch so you can get back to your afternoon meetings (and so we don't have to feed you!).
Please let me know if your team plans on attending and how many people you estimate will attend. Happy Kickoff!

Inclement Weather


In case of Inclement Weather the day of
a FIRST Chesapeake Event,
Please call 804.464.8945
after 5am for updates