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Info on Wi-Fi Disconnects for Motorola E4, G5, and G5 Plus Android Phones

Posted: 29 Nov 2018 01:27 PM PST

The Motorola E4 phone is approved for use in the FIRST Tech Challenge. In fall 2018, teams reported seemingly random disconnects between the Driver Station and Robot Controller devices when the E4 phones were used. Note that although this issue was first reported with the Motorola E4 phone, it also occurs with the Motorola G5 and G5 Plus phones. 

The disconnects can occur when the Motorola E4 phone is acting as the Driver Station, and an op mode has been selected and initialized, but not started.  In this situation, if the Robot Controller waits for a start command from the Driver Station, the phones might momentarily disconnect and cause the op mode run to stop before the start command is received. 

There is a solution to this problem.  It involves rewriting your op mode so that the Robot Controller sends telemetry messages to the Driver Station while it is waiting for the start command.  Doing this seems to prevent the devices from momentarily disconnecting. 

Details on how to diagnose and workaround this problem can be found at the following web link: Workaround for Motorola E4 Wi-Fi Disconnects.
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