September is a big month at VirginiaFIRST.  Workshops are scheduled, registrations happen and teams come back together after summer break to begin their planning for the new season.  September is also a big month for the planning of the upcoming FRC Season under the new FIRST Chesapeake District Model.  The sites for the seven district competitions are now set and can be viewed on the USFIRST website via:

FIRST Chesapeake refers to the name of the FRC District of Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.  VirginiaFIRST is the FRC partner with FIRST that, with the assistance of planning teams and resources throughout the area, will be putting on exceptional events for the 2016 season.  We are especially excited to be able to bring FRC District competitions to areas of Virginia, Maryland and D.C. that have not hosted events in the past and to expose a whole new community to the excitement of FIRSTprogramming and competitions.

A few other items to look for this month regarding the District Model: we will be unveiling the new website which is dedicated to the FRC District Model, newFIRST Chesapeake social media Twitter and Facebook outlets will become active this month, and overall competition planning will continue.  

As the VirginiaFIRST Executive Director, I understand the concerns and questions many people have regarding this new way of FRC competition.  Change is difficult when it impacts something that means a great deal to you.  Each of our volunteers, teams, mentors, coaches and staff know and love FIRST programs for what they represent and how they impact our youth.  We at VirginiaFIRST/FIRST Chesapeake are dedicated to making the new competitions engaging and exciting on a whole new level.  Thank you for your continued support and passion.   
- Stan Southworth, Executive Director, VirginiaFIRST 

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