Worlds wrapped up, and we are so proud of all the FIRST Chesapeake teams that traveled to Houston to compete and represent our District April 21-23, 2022.
FIRST Chesapeake had an impressive showing and we want to recognize the achievements of individuals and teams. WAY TO GO!
  • FTC Dean's List Award Winner- Diana O. from FTC 10216 SpiderByte
  • FRC Dean's List Award Winner- Ethan B. from FRC 5338 RoboLoCo
  • Chairman's Award winner- FRC 1629 Garrett Coalition GaCO
  • World Champion Finalist- FRC 4099 The Falcons
  • Division Winners- FRC 4099 The Falcons and FRC 5804 TORCH
  • Division Semifinalist - FRC 1731 Fresta Valley Robotics Club
  • Division Quarterfinalist- FRC 401 Copperhead Robotics
  • 4 of our 16 FIRST Chesapeake FRC teams competed in division playoffs
  • Highest Rookie Seed- FRC 8590 CAVBOTICS
  • Creativity Award- FRC 5804 TORCH
  • Innovation In Control Award- FRC 836 RoboBees

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