A recording of the August 17, 2021 FIRST Chesapeake Town Hall Sponsored by Accenture Federal Services is now available on YouTube.

A copy of the slides shown during the meeting is available here.

*Please note updates to Slide 21.* 
  • FRC "refund policies" will not be available in September.  Here is the official statement from FIRST Headquarters"We are reviewing accommodations which may include payment terms but are not committed to a change in policy. We are working on accommodations for season disruption with more information available in September. It is not guaranteed that this includes payment terms." 
  • FRC COVID Decision Matrix was not developed nor vetted by FIRST HQ.  Based upon our 2021 FTC decision matrix, this is a draft developed by FIRST Chesapeake as a potential planning resource. 


The next Town Hall Sponsored by Accenture Federal will be October 26th at 6pm.

Inclement Weather


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