Over 50 applications were received for the Showbest Fixtures Team Grants this season. Representatives from FIRST Chesapeake staff, board, and Showbest Fixtures found all of the applications very competitive. 
Because so many teams requested travel assistance to the FIRST Chesapeake District Championship Sponsored by Newport News Shipbuilding, the review committee decided to stagger the award announcements. The first $10,000 in grants are being distributed to teams who displayed compelling outreach proposals or demonstrated a clear need for assistance with travel costs to local District events. These teams are:
  • 422 The Mech Tech Dragons
  • 977 Cometbots
  • 1446 Friendship Collegiate Academy RoboKnights
  • 2028 Phantom Mentalists
  • 2998 VikingBots
  • 3136 Official Robotics Constructors of Ashland
  • 3361 The Governators
  • 3939 Botetourt 4H Robotics
  • 5587 Titan Robotics
  • 5954 The Portable Chargers
  • 6584 AHC Transformers
Any team that applied for a grant to attend the FIRST Chesapeake District Championship Sponsored by Newport News Shipbuilding will be notified if they have received funding the week of March 23rd. Thanks to the generosity of Showbest and other sponsors, more than $10,000 is still available to assist needs-based teams this season.

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