Do you know a high school senior (class of 2017) or college level STEM student with strong FIRST Tech Challenge and STEM skills looking for an internship? FIRST Tech Challenge is looking for an engineering intern to help with testing and documentation of our control system.

For more information or to apply, please visit the position description on our career page on the FIRST website: .

There are a number of FTC teams who have newsletters or blogs. Here is Team Geared UP!'s newsletter- they hope you find the tech tips helpful:

If you have a newsletter or blog you'd like to share, please email a link to .  We'd be glad to spread the word.

FRC teams, Local Committees, and Alumni:

Please see the link below for a press kit that can be distributed to local media to promote the FIRST Chesapeake District Competitions.

We encourage you all to share this information and PLEASE cc: us at if you get any coverage. We love to see the word spread about FIRST and FIRST Chesapeake!


A FIRST Tech Challenge team won one of the Oculus Rift devices earlier this year.  Unfortunately, they have determined their team does not have the equipment nor funding to utilize this to it’s fullest extent.  They would like to find out if other FIRST teams would like to purchase it before trying to sell it to the general public. 

If you are interested, please contact Team TechBusters at  Or you can contact them through their facebook page Tech Busters - 8275.   It is still new in the box, so they are asking $550.

We have received the following submissions for the FIRST Tech Challenge Promote Award:

Team #: 8297, 4592, 9901, 4924, 5086, 6700

There is one unidentified file. If you submitted a video and your submission is not on this list please let Maureen know ASAP at .

Also, due to the low number of submissions for the FIRST Tech Challenge Compass Award, we are extending the deadline to Wednesday, 2/22, 11:59 p.m.

Compass Award submissions: 4924, 9901

If you submitted a video and your submission is not on this list please let Maureen know ASAP at .


To submit Compass Award nominations: 

  • Be sure to include your team number in the file name.


In the past we have been fortunate to have some of our US Senators and Representatives visit our competitions. This both demonstrates support for all of our efforts to advance STEM engagement and has helped us with federal legislation that should make it possible for more students participate in FIRST. This year FIRST Chesapeake would again like to engage your efforts to invite Members of Congress to FIRST Chesapeake events.

Please use the following form letters and charts to develop your invitations.

1. Form letter to be mailed to your Senator

2. Form letter to be mailed to your Representative

3. Form email to be sent to congressional staffers

4. Contact information for all Congressional representatives and their staff. If you do not have a community outreach or communications manager, we ask you to select one to be responsible for communicating with your Senator and Member of Congress. The form letters need to be completed and mailed to the address in this spreadsheet.

5. List of Teams and their Congressional reps. 

The text of the letter can be changed, if you feel you can make it more personalized from your Team.
However, a couple of pointers in writing Congress.

  • Keep it brief – note the form letter is only 2/3rds of a page. No letter to a Member should exceed one page.
  • Always be respectful. For those of you writing to Senators Mikulski, Cardin, Kaine and Warner and Representatives Norton, Edwards, Comstock, and Brat, please insert the following at the end of the first paragraph: “We have very much appreciated your visiting our competitions in the past and hope you will find the time to attend again this year.”
  • Staff is key. This chart lists each member’s DC Aides and District Aide. DC Aides are responsible for supporting the Member in Washington and are assigned issue areas. The Legislative Assistant listed is the one responsible for education issues (among six or more other issues) and the second aide – the Scheduler – controls the Member’s schedule. In the chart, the District aide listed is usually the senior aide in the District office. These “staffers” are the ones who usually decide how the Member will spend his time and what issues are important. While the Member may read your letter and tell them she wants to attend a competition, the staff will recommend and the Member will usually follow their advice. Therefore, you need to communicate with the staffer as well. Here is a suggested email to send to the staff – Don’t forget to attach an electronic copy of the letter you have mailed to their Congressman.


  • Please consider inviting your local lawmakers as well. Click here for the Maryland House of Delegates. Click here for the Virginia General Assembly. Look under Member Listing for your House and Senate representatives.


Thank you so much in advance for your help in raising FIRST Chesapeake awareness among decisionmakers in Washington, DC and in your community. If you have any questions, please contact Leighann Boland at

The FIRST Chesapeake Staff

FIRST Chesapeake is looking to borrow a 53' trailer for two weeks (March 27-April 12) to help with the delivery and set up for the District Championship.  

As a District, we receive no assistance from FIRST for the production of the Championship and having a Trailer available will allow us to handle the logistics of the event successfully.  

If you have a suggestion or know of a trailer that could be borrowed by FIRST Chesapeake.  Please contact Glen Davis

The STEMaction Center in Columbia, MD is opening up the Center a bit more as FLL, FTC, and FRC are all hitting their stride roughly now. For this weekend only, they will be open the following times:

  • Friday the 17th: 3:00pm- 7:00pm
  • Saturday 18th-Tuesday 21st: 1:00pm- 6:00pm

The field does not have game elements, so they are asking teams that wish to use the facility to help support it by bringing stations to the center.

Location: USRA STEMaction Center, 7178 Columbia Gateway Dr, Columbia, MD 21046
Available resources: Bring your own tools. Teams must sign a waiver to utilize dremels, grinders, etc.
Contact: Mike Kaurich
Reservation form:

While you can walk in during their open times, they cannot guarantee access to the practice fields unless your team has a reservation.