FIRST Tech Challenge Virtual Meet the Field and Scrimmages Sponsored by InSource Solutions
When: October 24, 2020
Where: Richmond, VA and Fulton, MD, but venues will not be open to the public.
The event will be broadcast on at (we apologize but due to a misconfiguration the Scrimmages were not recorded)
Cost: FREE
-12:00 pm (noon)- Meet the Field (virtual walk-through by a Head Referee where teams can ask questions about the field and see close ups of game elements)
-12:20pm - 2:00 pm - Scrimmages between 4 teams
  • The two venues will have 4 teams at each of them.
  • A lottery system will be used to determine the 4 teams attending at each location.
  • Team attendance will be limited to two mentors and three students.
  • Lead mentors of teams apply with this form.
  • Registration closes at noon on 10/18.
  • Teams winning the lottery will be announced on 10/19.


Note: Only teams that have completed the season payment to FIRST Chesapeake for season play will be allowed to register for the scrimmages


For more information contact Ron Therrien at 

Inclement Weather


In case of Inclement Weather the day of
a FIRST Chesapeake Event,
Please call 804.464.8945
after 5am for updates