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In CENTERSTAGE presented by RTX teams are raising the curtain on how design, creativity, and precision play a role in creating all new experiences. FIRST Tech Challenge teams (up to 15 team members, grades 7-12) are challenged to design, build, program, and operate robots to compete in a head-to-head challenge in an alliance format in this district qualifier.

For Teams

Francis Scott Key High School


Please park onsite at Francis Scott Key High School.

2026-2024_Union Bridge_School Aerial Photo

We have two parking lots, the top lot is accessible to the event, the bottom lot has larger parking for large sized vehicles. There is a loading ramp to unload robots directly to the pit. 


Concessions will be available at this event. 
No food or drink allowed in the gym areas.
All food and drink to be stored and eaten in designated areas. 
Outside food is allowed.

Concession Stand Menu- Credit Cards will be accepted.


Food Cost

Cheeseburger 3.25

Pizza 2.25

Chicken Sandwich 3.50

Cup of Noodles 1.50

Hot Dog 2.00

Hot Dog 2.50 With 1 topping of Chili or


Eagle Dog 3.00 Chili and Cheese

Corn Dogs 1.50

Churro 2.00 Cinamon Sugar

Soft Pretzels 3.00

Soft Pretzels 3.50 With cheese

Taco in a bag 3.00 Topping – lettuce, tomato,

sour cream, salsa, cheese

Nachos 3.00

Nachos 3.50 1 topping*

Nachos 4.00 2 toppings*

*Topping – Salsa and Chili


Chocolate Bars listed below 1.75

Hershey with almonds

Kit Kat





3 Musketeers

M&M Plain or peanutCandy listed below 1.75

Swedish Fish


Sour Patch


Push Pops 1.25

Ring pop .75

Tootsie Pops .25

Blow Pops .25

Airheads .25

Popcorn .50 Small

Popcorn 1.00 Large

Chips, Cookies, Fruit Snacks 1.00

Slim Jims .50

Cow Tales .50


Water 1.50

Powerade 2.00

Body Armor 2.25

Soda 2.00 Large

Soda 1.25 Small


Diet Coke


Root beer

Mello Yello


Be sure to bring a paper copy of your roster to your event to turn into pit admin. Paper rosters can be printed from your Dashboard at FIRST Inspires. Your roster should have a green checkmark next to every team member AND coach/mentor. 

This indicates that all people associated with the team have signed a Consent and Release form. You may not compete without Consent and Release forms on file. FIRST Inspires does not want to manage paper and encourages teams to use these resources to register their children and sign the Consent and Release. 

Competing Teams

Team Number displayTeamNumber nameFull Team Name schoolName City State country website rookieYear robotName districtCode homeCMP
3583 3,583 PHRC, Inc, & South River Senior HS/Family Veterinary Clinic&South River Senior High School Cybirds Edgewater MD USA 2,009
3796 3,796 PHRC, Inc, & South River Senior HS/Family Veterinary Clinic&South River Senior High School Talons Edgewater MD USA 2,009
4991 4,991 PIE3/Lockheed Martin&Neighborhood Group Gear Freaks Eldersburg MD USA 2,011
5178 5,178 PHRC, Inc, & South River Senior HS/Family Veterinary Clinic&South River Senior High School Mech Hawks Edgewater MD USA 2,011
5904 5,904 Flint Hill School & Flint Hill School Cyber Pirates Oakton VA USA 2,012
6341 6,341 Flint Hill School & Flint Hill School Double 0 Ducks Oakton VA USA 2,012 Apex
6406 6,406 Clarksburg High School (Robotics Club)&Clarksburg High School First Tech Coyotes Clarksburg MD USA 2,012 New Bot 2015
6652 6,652 Flint Hill School & Flint Hill School EHuskies Oakton VA USA 2,012
7393 7,393 PIE3/NASA&Family/Community electron Volts Silver Spring MD USA 2,013
8479 8,479 Partnership and Inspiration for Engineering Education and Entrepreneurship (PIE3) & South Carroll High School RoboCavs Gold Sykesville MD USA 2,014
8582 8,582 Bryn Mawr School for Girls Heavy Metal Baltimore MD USA 2,014
8702 8,702 Nova Labs Robotics & Family/Community Curiosity Rovers Reston VA USA 2,014 Tapeworm
9770 9,770 Bryn Mawr School Techtonic Baltimore MD USA 2,015
10001 10,001 South Carroll High School RoboCavs Silver Sykesville MD USA 2,015
11525 11,525 MSDE/Express Signs & Graphics/Little Red Barn & Brunswick High School Minerva's Mechanics Brunswick MD USA 2,016
13270 13,270 Mcdonogh School Electric Slide Owings Mills MD USA 2,017
13381 13,381 Bryn Mawr School Accept All Cookies Baltimore MD USA 2,017
14253 14,253 Parkland Middle School Magic School Bots Rockville MD USA 2,017
18996 18,996 Family/Community S.T.A.T.I.C. Clarksville MD USA 2,020
20127 20,127 MSDE/Express Signs & Graphics/Little Red Barn&Brunswick High School Apollo's Architects Brunswick MD USA 2,021
20257 20,257 Parkland Middle School The Team That Shall Not Be Named Rockville MD USA 2,021
21814 21,814 Family/Community Robots on Roids Gaithersburg MD USA 2,022
23263 23,263 Family/Community The Prototypers Clarksburg MD USA 2,023
23495 23,495 Family/Community Equinox Gaithersburg MD USA 2,023
23566 23,566 Prince WIlliam County Schools/Marconi Edison&Battlefield High School Jover Haymarket VA USA 2,023
Team Number displayTeamNumber nameFull Team Name schoolName City State country website rookieYear robotName districtCode homeCMP


Team judging begins at 8:00 a.m. Please be prompt.  Each Team will have a ten to fifteen minute “fact-finding” interview with a panel of two or three judges. At the start of the interview, Teams will have a maximum of 5 minutes to present to the judges. After the Team’s five-minute presentation, the judges will have the opportunity to ask questions about the Team, the Robot, and outreach efforts. 

Engineering Portfolios
Teams should submit an Engineering Portfolio (not an Engineering Notebook). This is outlined in the Game Manual.
The Engineering Portfolio should be on paper (not electronic) and should be given to the Judges during the judging interview.

Control Award Submissions
Control Award Submissions, which are optional, should be on paper (not electronic) and should be given to the Judges during the judging interview.

Official Q&A Forum
If you have not already, make sure you check out and review the questions and answers on the FIRST Tech Challenge Official Q&A Forum. More questions and answers are added weekly!

Judging Schedule


 Panel 1  Panel 2  Panel 3  Panel 4  Panel 5  Panel 6  Panel 7
8:00-8:20 8582 23566 16270 23568 19876 23567 5178
8:20-8:40 14253 9770 6390 13270 11534 3583 392
8:40-9:00 6417 19069 23553 19890 18996 19458 20127
9:00-9:20 10001 5262 354 23376 11525 23263 21774
9:20-9:40 13381 7393 3796 4991 20257 1885 194
9:40-10:00   23495 8479   21814  
Event Schedule
7:30 AMTeam Check-in, Pits Open
8:00 AM – 10:00 AMInspections, Judge Interviews, Practice
10:10 AMDriver’s Meeting
10:30 AMOpening Ceremony
10:45 AM – 12:30 PMQualification Matches
12:30 PM – 1:00 PMLunch Break
1:00 PM – 2:45 PMQualification Matches Continues
3:00 PMAlliance Selection
3:00 PM – 5:00 PMElimination and Final Rounds
5:15 PMClosing Ceremony
6:30 PMPits Close

 Last updated December 13, 2023

Pit Size

Each team will have a 2’x 6’ table and the space immediately in front of that table. There is not a guaranteed minimum pit size, as we must keep the aisles clear for the judges and transporting equipment and robots.

Match Schedule

To be announced on-site.

Health & Safety

Appropriate safety attire, including safety glasses, ling hair tied back and closed-toe shoes, are required while in the pits. 

Safety glasses must be worn at all times in the pit area. Teams are responsible for providing their team members AND guests with safety glasses. 

We encourage all visitors wear a masks in the pits and in the stands. Please stay home if you are experiencing symptoms of illness, especially shortness of breath, fever, cough, or congestion. 

Remember to also clean up after your teams and only go into areas that are permitted while at the venue.



Four teams will advance from this qualifier to the FIRST Chesapeake District FTC Championship. 


Order of Advancement

  1. Inspire Award Winner
  2. Winning Alliance Captain 
  3. 2nd Place Inspire Award Winner
  4. Winning Alliance First Pick

***Advancement is based on rules in Game Manual 1.

Inclement Weather Policy for FIRST Chesapeake Events

Any changes to our event schedule will be determined by the policy of the event venue or hosting school district. Because of this, we recommend that all traveling teams make hotel reservations that are refundable.

In case of inclement weather the day of a FIRST Chesapeake event, click to call (804.404.3134) after 5am for updates.

For Volunteers

Empower the next generation of changemakers and innovators.

FIRST® volunteers are part of a global robotics community preparing young people for the future. Even if you only have a few hours to give, your contribution can make a difference. Working side by side with FIRST participants, volunteers play an important role in shaping young minds and inspiring students to achieve.

Volunteer roles range from safety attendants and field reset to judges, emcees, and referees. Volunteering at an event is a great way to share technical or professional knowledge, but you do not need special skills or expertise to volunteer.

For Attendees

All FIRST Chesapeake competitions, qualifiers, and championships are free and open to the public.

If you would like to, you can RSVP below. 

As we work as a community to prepare young people for a STEM future, FIRST aims to ensure its programs have a lasting, positive impact on all participants.

Join us in our mission to empower the young minds of DC, MD, and VA. Together, we can spark innovation, foster diversity, and make the impossible possible. Your support is not just a donation; it’s an investment in the future.

Together, let’s build a brighter, more innovative future.

Can’t Attend in Person?

All of our events are live-streamed and recorded. 

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