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Regional and District events start next weekAre you ready to get energized for an exciting competition and play CHARGED UPSM presented by Haas?

What to do before you leave for your event:

✔️ Ensure you have parent permission for students to travel, a list of emergency contact numbers, and information on any and all student medical needs. Carry this information with you to the event.

✔️ Double check and print the event schedule listed for the event. You can find this information by selecting the event from the FIRST® Robotics Competition Events webpage and clicking on the link in the blue box at the top of the page.

✔️ If your team needs accessible seating at the event, please contact your local Program Delivery Partner to see if accommodations can be made.
👉 If you have specific questions on accommodations, please contact [email protected]

✔️ Hold an event planning meeting with your team and discuss:
👉 Event Schedule – see above for how to find this
👉 Dress code – all participants should wear appropriate clothing, closed-toed shoes, and bring safety glasses
👉 Event behavior – Please read and understand the Event Rules
👉 Review the Safety Manual
👉 Team protocol – How will you know where your students are at all times? What should students do if there is an issue? Where will you gather for meals?

✔️ Review the District & Regional Events page for details on what to expect at your event.

What to bring with you to your event:

✔️ Print out your team roster from the FIRST® Dashboard and gather paper copies of Consent and Release forms for any team members who did not complete the Consent and Release form online.
👉 More information, including a step-by-step guide for parents, can be found on our Youth Registration System Overview page.

✔️ Gather tools, gloves, and materials for robot repair.

✔️ Pack safety glasses for everyone traveling with you to the event.
👉 Your team will spend most of their time in the Pit, and no one may enter the Pits without safety glasses. Bring extras for team member’s families and special guests (if applicable).

✔️ Check out the District & Regional Event Page for a list of required & suggested items to bring to your event.

What to do first at your event: 

✔️ When the Pits open, immediately send a mentor to Pit Administration to:
👉 Check in
👉 Turn in your team roster and any paper Consent and Release forms
👉 Pick up your registration packet

✔️Get your robot inspected. Check out these Inspection videos for an overview of how the inspection process will work.

✔️Set up your Pit Space.

✔️Introduce yourselves to the teams in Pits nearby. These are people who know just what you’ve been going through during build season and who can help.

✔️Listen closely to all announcements made over the loudspeakers in the pit area.

✔️Talk to everyone you can! FIRST Robotics Competition events are filled with knowledgeable people who are willing and able to help your team. This is a great time to make connections with people who can help you at the event and in years to come.

✔️Have fun!

We’re here to help:

If you have any questions, please contact Team Support via email or call us at 1-800-871-8326. We are eager to help you during the season!

Good luck, teams!

FIRST® Robotics Competition Team Support