FRC Stronghold

The VirginiaFIRST Board of Directors is pleased to provide governance and leadership for FIRST Chesapeake. As the FIRST FRC partner for Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia, VirginiaFIRST provides operational, fiduciary and strategic management of the FIRST Chesapeake FRC program.


Scott McKay (President) – CIO and Sr. Vice President, Operations and Quality, Genworth Financial

Robert Stolle (Vice President) – Vice President for Regional Growth Programs, Center for Innovative Technology

Samantha Marrs (Secretary/Treasurer) – Senior Associate, Unversity Development, Virginia Commonwealth University

Paul Chi – Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

Rich Conti – Director/CEO, Science Museum of Virginia

Michael Duncan – Managing Partner, Donnachaidh Associates

Gulu Gambhir – CTP and Senior Vice President, Leidos

Lyn McDermid – System CIO, Federal Reserve

Connie Nyholm – Managing Partner, Virginia International Raceway

Richard Ramsey – Director, Advanous

Jeff Seaton – CIO, NASA Langley Research Center

Brian Snodgrass – Director Programs, Northrop Grumman Information Systems